2021-11-16 10:31:02

1. Does Neko Wallet have a browser extension version?

The browser extension version of Neko Wallet will be released in 2022. Neko Wallet is now available as a mobile app on Google Play Store for Android users, and on App Store for IOS users. 


2. Which tokens does Neko Wallet support?

Neko Wallet supports more than 6000+ token addresses so that you don't have to manually import them. If a token is not found, users can also choose to add custom tokens.


3. Why did my swap on Neko Wallet fail?

A Swap may fail due to various reasons. The most common reason is running 'out of gas.' The 'out of gas' error occurs when all the gas that was allocated for the transaction is consumed before the Swap could complete. To prevent an 'out of gas' transaction failure, we recommend using the default Network Fee amount that is provided by Neko Wallet. When a Swap fails, the asset you wanted to swap from will still be safe and available in your Neko wallet. 

If your Swap fails more than once, please contact our support team on my discord channel so we can solve it for you.


4. Does Neko Wallet charge a fee on a Swap?

Swap fees are charged for each transaction at a rate of 0.4% of the transaction value. This is separate from the gas fees required to execute smart contracts orders, which are paid directly to the networks. 

But during our private beta phase, you don't have to pay for swap fees, you only need to pay a gas fee. 


5. Why don’t I see my tokens in Neko Wallet?

If you can’t see your tokens in Neko Wallet, you can add them to Neko Wallet by using its contract. You can track your token contract by using the following sources: 

- If it’s ERC-20 standard tokens:

- If it’s BEP-20 standard tokens:

- If it’s SPL standard tokens:

 If there are any questions, please feel free to join our community for further discussions about Crypto/Neko Wallet with our team and other members!