2021-12-06 04:29:21

1. What is Beefy Finance?

Beefy Finance is a yield aggregator built on Binance Smart Chain. Beefy Finance provides a Yield Optimizer platform that allows you to Stake or Farm with the most optimal profit, by using an algorithm to compare the interest rates of Vaults in different Liquidity Pools (liquidity pools) of exchanges. decentralized translation according to AMM mechanism.


2. How to use Beefy Finance?

2.1 Provide liquidity

Step to add liquidity: 

1. Visit the Beefy Finance homepage.

2. Choose the pool you want to join farming and then select Add liquidity.

3. Then select Supply. You must provide tokens with equal total USD value. (For example, when you stake 10$ BNB, you also have to stake 10$ BIFI)

Note: To prepare equal USD value tokens, you can swap your tokens on the Neko wallet homepage for the best quotation and most saving gas fee.

4. Confirm Supply and the vault now shows a balance.


2.2 Join Farming in a Vault pool 

Step to join farming: 

1. Visit the Beefy Finance homepage.

2. Choose the pool you want to join farming and then Add liquidity by using the following step above.

3. Click on the vault to open up the deposit and withdraw menu. Click “Approve” and then choose “Deposit all”. 

4. Confirm in your Neko Wallet and you now joined Farming on Beefy. Finance by depositing BIFI-BNB LP in the vault.


2.3 Removing Liquidity

Step to remove your Liquidity: 

1.  Choose the pool you are farming and want to remove your Liquidity. Then click “Withdraw all”.

2. It will show the BIFI-BNB LP tokens under "Your Liquidity". Click "Max" and “.Approve" and then click “Remove”.

3. Swap BIFI back to BNB if you want. You now removed your liquidity in BIFI-BNB pool.


If there are any questions, please feel free to join our community for further discussions about Crypto/Neko Wallet with our team and other members!